Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is an ancient system of therapy and helps treat many kinds of dis-ease in our modern world today. The crystals have their own vibrational pattern and when used in a therapy session can help restore harmony to the emotional, mental, physical levels of your being.

As with many complimentary therapies, Crystal Therapy helps support the healing process to bring balance and well-being back into your life.

Crystal Therapy is a gentle, non invasive form of alternative healing and is carried out with the recipient lying fully clothed on a treatment couch. The crystals are laid on or around the body

A session lasts about an hour and various crystals may be used during a session.

Crystals work really well when used in conjunction with Reiki and this is how I generally work in a crystal therapy session.

The fee for a crystal therapy session is £30.


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For more information please telephone me on: 07841 373428